Heikkinen Yhtiöt Ltd

Heikkinen Yhtiöt is a reliable, Finnish contractor business that provides comprehensive solutions for wall and flooring projects.

Our headquarters is located in Joensuu in Eastern Finland. Our other outlets are in Vantaa, Tampere, Turku Oulu, Lappeenranta and in Seinäjoki.

Our company’s main services include carpet, parquet, subfloor, sports and cast floorings, estrich concrete floor, tiling and stone work, as well as self-levelling, pumpable floor screed and foundation work for all kinds of structures.

We offer straightforward and cost-effective contract work for building and other companies, municipalities and different facilities throughout Finland.

Heikkinen Yhtiöt has its origins in Eastern Finland in the early 80s. A man who had been working with carpets lost his job and started working as an entrepreneur under the company name Matto Nikkari. First his only intention was to employ himself. However, by listening to customer’s needs and offering new services his company grew constantly and steadily. In 1990 the company transformed into Mattonikkarit LP, then changed again in 1993 to Mattoasennus J. Heikkinen Ltd. The business was expanded through acquisitions and finally in 2012 the group of five different companies was merged together into Heikkinen Yhtiöt Ltd.

In 2023, Heikkinen Yhtiöt Ltd employs over 350 professionals and its revenue of over € 85 M makes it the largest, diverse expert of flooring and wall structures in the Nordic countries.


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  • Carpet floors
  • Parquet, wooden and sports floors
  • Tiling
  • Coating
  • Self-levelling, pumpable floor screed and heated floors
  • Stone work and estrich concrete tiling
  • Estrich concrete floors
  • Foundation work
  • Subfloors