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About us

Heikkinen Yhtiöt is a flooring contractor with a solid financial standing. Our head office is located in Joensuu, and we also have offices in Vantaa, Seinäjoki and Tampere. We operate throughout Finland, serving our customers in Eastern and Northern Finland from the Joensuu office, our customers in Southern Finland from Vantaa and Lahti, and those in Western Finland from Tampere.

The company's core services include carpet and parquet floors, raised floors, sports surfaces and composite flooring as well as tiling and stone work, pump screeds, façade tiling, and large interior construction contracts. We provide straightforward and cost-effective contracting for construction firms, municipalities and institutions.

Heikkinen Yhtiöt employs around 200 professionals and has a turnover of roughly EUR 38 million (2014). Heikkinen Yhtiöt and its employees are determined to provide high-quality services within the agreed deadlines. We'll get the job right first time round!